Welcome To Mike’s Tree Service

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is about more than appearances. Damaged, over-grown, or dead limbs can be a hazard to life and property. For the health and safety of the tree it is recommended that your yard receive a good trimming at least once a year. If you have a commercial property or run an apartment complex it may be necessary to do trim more often for insurance and added safety purposes.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning can help your trees grow by removing harmful or unhealthy limbs. It is not about trimming live limbs, it is about pruning out the weak limbs or already dead limbs so the remaining healthy limbs can flourish. Late winter or early spring when it is neither too hot or cold in Dallas is the ideal time for tree pruning.

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling is a way to help control the growth of your trees, especially ones near structures, so they are not a danger to the property. It must be done with an expert eye, so the tree itself is not damaged in the process. Tree cabling does not restrict natural growth, it gently guides the growth into the direction that is more convenient over time.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal of unsightly and possibly dangerous tree stumps is one of our specialties. Getting rid of the stump quickly is important because it’s not only a tripping hazard and a blotch on your lawn, but also because a new tree will often grow from an old stump. We remove the entire stump so you will be left with a safe attractive yard.