Stump Removal

Stump removal is an important part of lawn care. That’s why at Mike’s Tree Services we take priority in making sure that your stump is removed with care. We want your lawn to look good, so why not let us remove your stump properly.

Why You Need A Tree Stump Removed

You may be wondering why stump removal is even important. There are many reasons including:


  • Stumps can be hazardous. If you have children, you know they love playing in the yard. With a giant stump in your lawn, it can cause harm to your children as they play. They can trip, fall and hurt themselves severely. It’s important to get that stump removed before any of this happens.
  • Mowing your lawn becomes a pain with stumps. It’s not fun trying to go around your stump every time you have to mow the lawn, so why not just get rid of it.
  • Stumps cause new tree growth. This can be costly because removing those new trees may require chemicals to kill them off completely. Just imagine having to cut the new tree down every time it starts growing back, so why not just get rid of the stump completely?
  • Stumps aren’t the greatest look for your landscape. If you have a giant stump in the middle of your lawn, it may affect the appearance of your yard.

Get Your Stump Removed Today

Stumps are not pretty to look at and can be hazardous for you and your children. At Mike’s Tree Services we specialize in making your yard look its best. What better way to start than by removing that stump in your lawn. Call us today for your appointment and we can make your yard stump free.