Tree Cabling


Sometimes you can’t always predict where your tree is going to grow. Tree growth can sometimes get out of hand to the point where the trees physical structure may not be able to support its own weight. Tree cabling is a great way to improve the weight, balance and growth of trees which then improves the health of the trees.

Benefits of Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is installing cables around the trees to lessen the stress of the uneven weights of the branches to prevent splitting or breakage. When trees get too big and start to fall over, they may damage property or even result in personal injuries. Tree cabling is a great way to prevent the tree from harming anyone or any property. With proper cabling the weight of the tree is balanced. This also benefits the tree tremendously with its growth, because the tree isn’t pulling too much weight on one side.

How To Know If You Need Cables

If your tree has a trunk with narrow branches attached to it, it may cause the branches to vertically split. If there are cracks in the branches, this could cause stress on that area of the tree. If this issue is not taken care of immediately then the tree itself could be in bad shape, resulting in a dead tree.

How We Can Help

At Mike’s Tree Services we provide tree cabling to ensure that your tree won’t damage any property or injure any pedestrians walking near your house. We provide the care necessary to improve the health and growth of your tree. If you are unsure of the specific attention or care that your tree needs call us today to make your appointment and we will be more than happy to advise/assist you.