Tree Care FAQs

Tree Trimming

What is the difference between tree pruning and tree trimming?

Tree trimming refers mostly to shrubs and tree pruning is referred usually to trees.

How often does a tree need to be pruned?

Trees should be pruned at least once a year

When should trees be pruned?

It is best to start pruning during late winters and early spring before the trees start to bloom. Tree pruning should be avoided during hot and dry periods as well as extremely cold winters.

Why do tree stumps need to be removed?

They can be dangerous and cause personal injury and anyone could trip over them. As well as making it difficult when mowing the lawn and having to maneuvering around a stump.

Why is tree pruning important?

Tree pruning is important not only for appearances, but also for the safety of your property and individuals. Dead tree branches can fall at any given moment, so it’s important that you prune your trees before they fall on your property or result in personal injury.

How much does it cost to prune a tree?

That all depends on the trees health, the size, the damages and other various factors. Every tree is different, so the cost is difficult to pin point to an exact number.