Tree Pruning


Tree pruning is removing certain branches or stems in your trees to benefit the growth. Sometimes certain branches can start harming your trees if not removed immediately. Tree pruning keeps your tree healthy all year long. At Mike’s Tree Services we want to make sure all your trees are in perfect condition, leaving you a nice yard all year. Tree pruning removes the dead and damaged branches to help prevent the tree from decaying and also helps prevent insects from entering the tree. When you remove certain branches, it helps other branches grow and also prevents wood splitting. Tree pruning proves to be highly beneficial for the health of your tree.

When To Start Tree Pruning

You know you need to start tree pruning if you start noticing dead and damaged branches. It is best to remove those branches as soon as possible. A good time to start pruning is during late winters and early spring before the trees start to bloom. Tree pruning should be avoided during hot and dry periods as well as extremely cold winters. If you decide to prune your trees when the trees have already bloomed, make sure they are fully bloomed and not mid-way bloomed before you start cutting and removing branches.

Make Your Tree Pruning Appointment Today

If you are uncertain your tree needs pruning, it’s best to give us a call and we can check it for you. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Look for damaged or dead branches to know if your tree needs to be pruned or not. However, if you are unsure let us stop by and look at it for you. Make your appointment today and we can get your tree pruning started right away.