Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes required for safety, to increase sun in an area, or because the tree is dying. Sometimes a treIn the Zonee will need to be removed for insurance purposes. The act of removing a large tree can be dangerous to property and humans, and the clean up afterwards can be tedious without proper equipment and experience. This is why you should only go with a professional when the task is required.

At Mike’s Tree Services we are bonded and insured and we have over 20 years of tree experience behind us. To protect your home and property, go with the professionals to remove hazardous trees from your property. We offer 24 hour emergency service if you have a tree that is a threat to your home or business before or during a storm. We can also remove a tree after it has already caused damage. The sooner you call about a potential hazardous tree, the less liability you will have, and the less damage it can cause when the weather gets rough.

Call us today if you have a tree that needs to be safely removed. The sign of a professional is that they make a difficult task appear easy. We have been doing this for so long that we make tree removal appear simple, despite the many factors involved. Contact us for an appointment today. We can schedule a regular pruning or trimming for your commercial or residential property or arrive at your convenience when you call.