Tree Trimming

Tree trimming 1

At Mike’s Tree Services, we want to make your yard look as nice as possible. What better way to get that look then by tackling those over grown trees? Most people think that tree trimming is only useful for making their yard look presentable. However, tree trimming also helps you feel safe around your home. It is not only safe for you, but beneficial for your trees as well.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming provides many benefits such as:

Safety: Overgrown trees can sometimes fall down with bad weather and who knows where they will fall? Your house? The sidewalks? The roads? If trees aren’t taken care of they can damage property, hurt pedestrians, or even cause a road block.

Physical Appearance: Tree trimming brings out the clean cut look to a lawn that you wouldn’t necessarily get otherwise.  Deadwood branches should be thinned out for the health and beauty of the tree and to enable sunlight to reach grass below.

Health: Tree trimming provides the health benefits trees need. It helps the overall growth of your trees, just like getting our haircut gives us healthier hair. It’s the same way for trees!

It’s important to get your trees trimmed at least once per year. You never know when bad weather will hit, and possibly cause a tree to fall. That being said, it is important to get them trimmed in off season weather before the snow storms and the cold weather hits.

Make your Appointment

Tree trimming is beneficial for both you and the trees. It keeps people safe and the trees healthy. It’s a win-win situation for all. It also keeps the lawn looking neat and not overgrown. Call us today before a safety issue arises. You never know when a tree branch could break and damage your property. Make your appointment today and we can get you protected.